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Vegas Lounge Dev Kit

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We've taken all of our dev board experience and built one that we'd actually use: the Vegas Lounge. It's a full featured development board for the LBM313 Bluetooth Low Energy Module.

Our dev board exposes all pins of the LBM313 and provides buttons, LEDs, and potentiometers for quick development. GPIO pins are jumper selectable, allowing you to run any firmware without having to worry about unintended connections in hardware.

The Vegas Lounge has a native USB connection to the CC2540 on the LBM313. It also has USB to serial (FTDI) support for sending debug messages or driving test modes. An on-board current sense amplifier allows you to run current and power measurements to calculate the battery life of your end product.


  • Access every pin on the LBM313 Module
  • Native USB to CC2540
  • USB Serial (FTDI)
  • Current sense amplifier for power measurements
  • 2 Momentary Push Buttons, 1 Slide switch, Reset button
  • Power from USB, or externally
  • All GPIOs are jumper selectable
  • 7 LEDs for debugging
  • 2 Potentiometers which can be connected to ADCs
  • LBM313 adapter board makes swapping modules easy
  • Connect with LightBlue iOS App for an easy demo

User Guide

iOS App

Download LightBlue from the iOS App Store. A custom UI allows you to connect to your Vegas Lounge, and quickly explore the dev kit.

Additional Files

The LBM313 module datasheet is located at the LBM313 wiki page.

Demo Firmware

Vegas Lounge Hardware

LBM313 Adapter Board

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